“Cars 3” almost included a very odd cameo…from Batman

Try not to be too sad about it, but apparently Cars 3 almost had a great Batman-related moment that got cut. In the Cars movies, there have been plenty of clever jokes and moments that add an extra element to the world. But, we just found out about one that didn’t end up happening. So, what exactly got away?

Director Brian Fee told Screen Junkies that multiple Batmobiles were almost featured:

“At one point, part of the story took place in L.A. and we had a scene where McQueen went to a Hollywood Hills party and it was full of actors, and we had the old Batmobile and the new Batmobile talking to each other at a party, Fee said.



Okay, this would’ve been pretty cute, famous cars as Hollywood celebrities. Who else would’ve been there? The DeLorean from Back to the Future? Perhaps the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters?

But, as Slash Film points out, if you have two Batmobiles, that must mean there are two Batmen in this timeline. And would there have been Bruce Wayne cars too? We have a lot of questions, so even though this would’ve been awesome, maybe it turned out for the best.

Cars 3 is now in theaters.