Carrie Underwood unleashed her inner rapper with this Wiz Khalifa mashup

Generally speaking, the names Carrie Underwood and Wiz Khalifa are rarely, if ever, uttered in the same sentence. But all that changed at the Big Barrel Country Music Festival this week when Underwood gave her own rendition of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s smash hit, “See You Again.”

Rather than simply covering the song, Carrie combined the popular tune with her very own “See You Again” from her 2012 album Blown Away. The result? A genre-bent mashup, cooked to perfection. Even though her rap verses were a little wobbly in the beginning, Carrie reigned it in with a strong finish and a great sense of humor.

Here are the two songs in their original versions:

In spite of the many creative reworks of “See You Again” (see Tove Lo’s smooth cover), we kinda love seeing a country darling like Carrie Underwood unleash her inner Wiz Khalifa. We all have one, after all . . . right?

Check out live concert footage of the Carrie’s rendition (which was captured by Facebook user Dana McAdams Gianneti) right here.

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