Carrie Underwood and Ludacris are the latest additions to Super Bowl 2018’s entertainment lineup

There’s a lot more to the Super Bowl than commercials and football. A lot of people love watching the various musical performances throughout the night, too. (P.S. Is there any way Justin Timberlake is going to top Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime performance from 2017?)

It definitely seems like Timberlake is up for the challenge of headlining this year’s halftime show. We also can’t wait to watch Pink perform the national anthem. But there’s another performance (sort of) you probably don’t want to miss.

Carrie Underwood recently teamed up with Ludacris to record “The Champion,” and the duo’s song will kick off NBC’s broadcast of the 2018 Super Bowl.

There’s no doubt that this “football anthem of the year” is meant to inspire and pump you up. Some of Underwood’s lyrics include:

“I am invincible, unbreakable
Unstoppable, unshakeable
They knock me down, I get up again
I am the champion
You’re gonna know my name
You can’t hurt me now
I can’t feel the pain
I was made for this, yeah, I was born to win
I am the champion”

Ludacris drops an inspiring rap verse halfway through the song:

“See they ask me how I did it, I just did it from the heart
Crushing the competition, been doing it from the start”

If this song gets you hype, don’t worry. It’s not just for the Super Bowl.

While announcing the use of the song for the 2018 Super Bowl, NBC said it would also be part of the network’s coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Either way, this song definitely gets our spirits up and ready to root for our favorite team during the 2018 Super Bowl! At the very least, it’s a great song to add to your workout playlist.

Is it February 4th yet?

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