Carrie Underwood just posted the realest mom moment on Instagram

Parenting can be rough sometimes. For every heartwarming moment of watching your kid accomplish something incredible – whether it be learning to walk and talk, or graduating from high school – there is at least one moment of utter and total chaos. More often than not, kids – and especially babies – are a huge mess. Even celebs have to deal with their messy kids on a day-to-day basis – being the baby of a famous singer or actor doesn’t make a baby any less likely to spew baby food all over everything, if the mood strikes. Now, one celeb is getting *super* candid about that particular mom life struggle.

In case you weren’t aware, country singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood has one of the cutest babies around – her son Isaiah, with her hubby, hockey player Mike Fisher. The award-winning songstress generally keeps her 17-month-old baby away from the spotlight, but every so often, she shares a few snaps of the adorable Isaiah on social media.

On Thursday, Carrie Underwood posted a super relatable Instagram for all us parents out there.

In the picture, Carrie’s tot is standing with his back to the camera, pantless, wearing a blue shirt and an absolutely adorable little fedora. He’s watching TV and surrounded by all of his toys. In the caption, Carrie jokes that “some mornings, pants are optional…even when the fedora is not,” then confessing “just kidding, we had a blowout.

Yikes. For those not familiar with parenting parlance, a “blowout” is diaper leakage – apparently little Isaiah had a very not-little bowel movement, leading to his pantless afternoon.

Carrie also hashtagged the photo “#KeepingItReal” and “#momlife,” indicating that she’s just your average mom dealing with average explosive baby poop problems.

Regardless of any and all diaper catastrophes, Carrie clearly adores being a mommy to this little boy. Back in May, Carrie gushed about her baby to US Weekly.

“He makes me happy all day every day,” Isaiah’s momma said. “He’s adorable and he’s smart and he’s sweet. I am beyond lucky. I don’t deserve him.”

Awww! So cute. We love Carrie for being such a funny and real mom, and we love the love she has for her baby boy.

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