Carrie Underwood invented a card game to make her workouts more interesting, and, woah, innovation

No matter who you are or what you do, working out every day can be a tough slog. Not just physically, but mentally. Because let’s face it…it’s kinda boring. But there are ways to manage the chore and make it kinda fun..okay…at least make it tolerable.

In an interview with Cosmo, Carrie Underwood revealed her workout routine and slipped in some pearly wisdom about how she maintains enthusiasm for exercise.

Her secret? Make it a game! No, literally. “I’ll often use a deck of playing cards to make my workouts feel more fun, because I really like to mix things up and get bored easily,” she admitted.

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"I'll assign one exercise to each suit, including one upper body move (like push-ups or pull-ups), one lower body move (like weighted squats), one abs move (often using an abs wheel) and one cardio move (like jumping rope). Then I pick one card at a time and do as many reps are listed on each card until I get through half the deck. Then I'll assign different exercises to each suit, and continue until I finish the deck."

Ummmmm this is genius! Why didn’t we think of this? Mind blown.

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And the best part is, this work out game is super easy to start doing, like today. All you need is a deck of cards and some basic organization, and you’re good to go! (This is most certainly going to be picked up by a game manufacturer, FYI.) Damn, Carrie. You just opened up our world.

After she’s done her good work out deed for the day, Underwood chomps down on a yummy sandwich with tofurkey and a bunch of greens. Nice one, girl.

We’re feeling inspired to revolutionize our work out routine, because exercising should be enjoyable! (And speaking of enjoyable, if you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, don’t forget the exercise-game you can play while watching Gilmore Girls.) Mixing it up once in a while is good for the soul.

via giphyThe reward of feeling good is always worth it.