Carrie Underwood’s face scar is barely noticeable in new photos, and we’re so glad she’s okay

We were so worried about Carrie Underwood when we heard about the accident that left her needing 40 stitches, but now that we’ve finally gotten to see what her face looks like healed, we’re so relieved that she’s doing okay. In fact, Underwood’s face scar is barely noticeable.

Last year, Underwood revealed that she took a spill while walking her dog near her Nashville home, which led to a broken wrist and a facial injury so bad she needed to go to the hospital. For a while, she wasn’t comfortable sharing her appearance, warning fans that once she did come back into the spotlight, she might look a little different. For months, fans wondered what she might look like after her accident, but as it turns out, Underwood is just as radiant as ever — as if there were ever any doubt.

After an appearance on Storme Warren’s radio show on XM radio station The Highway, photos of Underwood’s full face have emerged, and honestly, it’s almost impossible to tell that she was ever injured in the first place.

In the photos, Underwood is gorgeous — and even though she insists there’s a scar running between her nose and lip, it’s almost impossible to see without looking really closely.


Visible scar or not, it sounds like the experience was terrifying for Underwood, and things could have gone a lot worse. Fortunately, it seems like she’s happy and healthy, although as she told Warren, at first, she thought her fall was no big deal.


“I thought I just busted my lip,” she said. “Then I walked inside and took the dog leashes off and took my coat off and went to go survey the damage and was like, ‘Oh, no!’”


We’re so glad to see that Underwood is doing much better — and that she’s comfortable sharing her face with the world. It’s a pretty face, girl. We all want to see it!

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