Carrie Underwood actually brings major appliances on tour with her and it’s adorable

In case you needed another reason to love everyone’s favorite country singer, Carrie Underwood is actually super relatable, even when she’s on tour. As she tells PEOPLE, “We travel with a washer-dryer. Doing my own laundry makes me feel like a human.”

That’s right: The 33-year-old singer literally brings her own major appliances on tour with her so she can do her own laundry. Given how hard it is for most of us to do our own laundry at home, we think this makes Underwood pretty darn amazing.


What’s even more surprising? Underwood not only does her own chores on tour, but does her own hair and makeup, too. That’s right: Underwood doesn’t require a glam squad before her major shows and performances.

Carrie also tells PEOPLE that she likes to “have a cooking surface on the bus” because she “likes to cook as much as possible.”

Possibly the sweetest thing about Underwood, however, is that she brings her family pets on the road with her husband and son. That’s right: Even the family dogs join in on the touring fun. And with puppies this cute, what could be better than that?