Carrie Fisher just had a scary medical emergency — here’s what we know

In some horribly scary news today, we’ve just learned that Carrie Fisher, the lady behind Princess General Leia, just had a ridiculously scary medical emergency on a plane, and we’re sending so many good thoughts (and hope) her way right now for a speedy recovery.

According to TMZ, Carrie was on a flight back from London to Los Angles on Friday, when en route she suffered a serious heart attack. Details about exactly what happened are still coming to light, and all we know right now is that other passengers on the flight started administering CPR to the actress/author/all-around badass lady. Per TMZ, her flight landed just after 12:00 p.m. PST, where she was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that yes, airport units were responding to someone with a medical emergency, but they did not release the name. The Los Angeles Times (speaking to an unnamed source) says that she is currently in “critical condition.”

Hearing that Carrie suffered a heart attack is right now THE SCARIEST THING EVER, because it was only just last week that we lost beloved Alan Thicke, due to a heart attack. And needless to say, 2016 has been *the worst* and if we lose the fiercest woman in the galaxy WE. WILL. NOT. BE. OKAY.

Already, there’s a huge influx of love on Twitter, a platform Carrie adores:

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We’ll update you as we learn more information, and keep Carrie in your thoughts.

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