We’ve got an update on Carrie Fisher, and it is GOOD news

If you’re a Carrie Fisher fan, or a Star Wars fan, or just in general a fan of 2016 NOT sucking anymore, we’ve got some truly amazing news for you: Recent reports tell us that Carrie Fisher is finally in stable condition after suffering a heart attack earlier today.

As we’ve previously reported, while flying from London to Los Angeles, Carrie had a cardiac arrest shortly before the plane landed at LAX. Thanks to a few other passengers on the flight, we know that while she was unresponsive for a short time, the flight crew (and a few other passengers) tried their best to perform CPR on the actress/author/General, and paramedics met the plane on the ground. She was rushed off to UCLA in critical condition.

This is when we began to worry. According to TMZ, she was in critical condition and on a ventilator.

Hopefully, the worst is now over. Carrie’s brother, Todd Fisher, just spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and told them that his sister is, “out of emergency” and finally in stable condition.


Unfortunately, no other details are available at this time, but even just hearing that she’s no longer in critical condition is good enough for us right now. We weren’t going to let 2016 take Carrie, and clearly Carrie wasn’t going to let that happen, either. Per TMZ, Carrie’s daughter (and Scream Queens star) Billie and her dog, Gary, are both at the hospital with her, and we’re so happy she’s surrounded by family right now.

Update 10:30 p.m. EST: There are a whole lot of conflicting reports regarding Carrie’s current condition. While she IS out of the emergency room, she is in an intensive care unit at the hospital, and it is to be believed that she is still in critical condition. Her brother, Todd, told Variety over the phone, “There’s nothing new from the doctors. There’s nothing new at all…There’s no good news or bad news.”

We’ll continue to keep you updated as this story develops…

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