We’ve got another update about Carrie Fisher, because this princess is a FIGHTER

Just when you though 2016 couldn’t get any worse, yesterday Carrie Fisher had a heart attack and it sent the entire world (and social media) into a tailspin. Thankfully, it appears as if the worst is finally over, and we’ve got a good update on Carrie’s condition.

When news first broke of Carrie’s heart attack, there were a whole lot of conflicting reports as to exactly what happened, and how she was being treated. What appears to be the correct news is this: Just before landing in Los Angeles, Carrie had a cardiac episode and when her plane touched down, paramedics were waiting to treat her. After they found a pulse, she was immediately rushed to a hospital and brought into the emergency room.

This is where things then get a little confusing, because at first we reported that Todd Fisher, Carrie’s brother, told The Associated Press that she was in stable condition — that might not have been true. Todd later told The Hollywood Reporter that while Carrie was out out the emergency room, she was now in an intensive care unit and not in stable condition. On top of that, TMZ was also reporting that she was on a ventilator.

Though many (many many) details are still unfortunately unknown at this time, Saturday morning The Associated Press reported that currently Carrie is in an intensive care unit. Her brother, Todd Fisher (who might be at the hospital with her right now — see, so many unknown facts!!) stressed:

"We have to wait and be patient...we have so little information ourselves."

While it’s not a huge update, it’s a positive one. It sounds like Carrie is getting the best treatment in the galaxy, and we’re sending her nothing but love and positive vibes right now. We’ll continue to keep you updated on her condition.