Tina Fey released a statement about Carrie Fisher, and that sound you hear is us sobbing

We might know Carrie Fisher BEST as Princess Leia, but there’s so much more to the actress/author/all-around badass lady. Not only did she star in dozens of movies, and a bunch of books, but she also graced the small screen too, in a few notable guest roles. One of these roles happened to be on 30 Rock. As if you’re not crying enough already as it is, Tina Fey has just released a statement on Carrie, and we’re going to need like, 30 billion hours to recover.

Carrie guest starred on a Season 2 episode, titled “Rosemary’s Baby.” In the episode, Liz Lemon meets her ~heroine~ Rosemary Howard, who was a female comedy writer when Liz was a kid. Meeting her at a book singing (and a weird art-imitates-life for Carrie, who at the time was already a well-known author), Liz blurts out the great line:

"You are my heroine. And by heroine I mean 'lady hero.' I don't want to inject you and listen to jazz." TBH, that's how we all feel about Carrie Fisher, now and forever.

Her real-life impact on Liz (and, Tina Fey) was felt through the whole series as Princess Leia was frequently used in episodes. Liz even got married in a white Princess Leia dress, because of course she did. We’d do the same.

Knowing the impact, Tina’s words mean so much. In a statement to Time, she explains:

"Carrie Fisher meant a lot to me. Like many women my age, Princess Leia occupies about sixty percent of my brain at any given time. But Carrie’s honest writing and her razor-sharp wit were an even greater gift. I feel so lucky that I got to meet her. I’m very sad she is gone."

It’s okay if the tears are flowing. The best way to easy this day is to now watch “Rosemary’s Baby,” Carrie would want us to laugh right now.

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