Carrie Fisher leads a support group for robots in this new commercial

There’s only one person we’d trust to bridge the gap between robots and humans, and that’s Carrie Fisher. The actress stars in IBMs newest commercial, using her robot experience and lovable personality to help these machines handle their desires to take over the world. Specifically, calming them down in a way that only a rebel princess could.

“After last week’s unpleasantness,” she begins, sitting in a room surrounded by robots. “I thought maybe this week we might try to listen more.”

What follows is a frank but frustrated discussion among the robots who feel that they just aren’t needed anymore.

Carrie’s most effective tool in mediating the discussion is Watson, a cognitive system that works with humans, not against them. It’s IBM’s new platform for handling customers and processing data. The nitty-gritty is complex, but the outcome is simple: The robots we know and love are a thing of the past, but at least they have Carrie Fisher with them to give a good send off.

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