The “Star Wars” family reacts to the Carrie Fisher news and our hearts are so heavy

Earlier today, Carrie Fisher was on a flight from London to Los Angeles when she suffered a massive cardiac arrest just before the plane landed. As we’ve since learned, she was taken off the plane and rushed to a nearby hospital, where she is currently in critical condition (the latest report from TMZ says that she is currently on a ventilator).

This is an incredibly scary incident to happen to one of our favorite people on the planet, and we’re sending Carrie so much love and positive vibes right now. And we know what you’re thinking: 2016 wouldn’t DARE take Princess General Leia from us. But, if there’s anyone who can pull through this, it’s Carrie. She has battled far worse demons (and Sith) in her life.

While the world waits for news of her condition, friends and fans have taken to Twitter (which just happens to be one of Carrie’s favorite places on the internet) to send her well wishes, and pray for her speedy recovery.

Mark Hamill, Carrie’s life long friend (and on-screen brother):

Peter Mayhew, who has played Chewbacca since the very beginning of Star Wars:

The writer/director of the upcoming Young Han Solo Movie, Chris Miller:

Rogue One’s screenwriter, Gary Whitta:

Gwendoline Christie, who just recently joined the Star Wars universe as Captain Phasma:

Michael Giacchino, Rogue One’s composer:

Darth Vader is even not okay:

The love even extends to the Star Trek family:

We’ll let you know as this story develops. Sending so much love to Carrie right now.

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