Carrie Fisher reveals she was sent to a “fat farm” before filming “Star Wars”

There are some juicy bits of ~information~ in Carrie Fisher’s new book, The Princess Diarist – like very juicy. The book is a compilation of Fisher’s diary entries during the filming of Star Wars in the late 1970s. The actress and writer appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about her now published entires. She comically touched upon the reveal of her affair with Harrison Ford during filming, but Fisher also talked about going to a “fat farm” before filming.

Fisher, joined by her wonder-dog, Gary, explained to Colbert, “They want to hire part of me, not all of me. So they want to hire about three-fourths, so I have to get rid of the fourth somehow. The fourth can’t be with me.”

We’re crying for several reasons at this point.

When Colbert asked if her fat farm experience happened before the “bronze bikini” second movie, Fisher said she shipped off before the first movie began shooting. “The first movie I had, well I guess you’d still call it baby fat,” Fisher explained. “It was probably just fat. So I went to a fat farm where they harvest fat.”

That sounds awful and gross, Carrie, and we’re sorry you had to put up with that!

But Fisher did get some funny memories out of the not-so-funny process. “I was there with Ladybird Johnson and Ann Landers who were my peers at the time,” she said. This is all sounding like a weird fever dream at this point. Colbert, taken aback, asked, “Were they nice to you?”

Fisher said, “Well, Ladybird couldn’t figure out the name of the movie I was going to be in. She kept thinking it was Car Wash.” We hope Ladybird enjoyed Car Wash when she saw it. “And Ann Landers,” Fisher went on, “had a lot of advice for me, which I obviously didn’t take.”

Carrie Fisher is our brassy, tea-spilling, idol. Please watch her guest spot on the Late Show below.

When Colbert asked why Leia never got a lightsaber? “It’s a bad thing for women. Even in space…there’s a double standard,” Fisher stated. And when her whole planet, family – and record player – was destroyed, she still had to comfort Luke for losing one friend! What gives, space men?

After we sort out this “fat farm” business, it looks like we need to take our feminist revolution farther than just Earth. But if we have Carrie Fisher leading us, we’ll do just fine.

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