Whoa, Carrie Fisher predicted the ridiculous ageism she’s dealing with in her memoir

Carrie Fisher has long faced unfair criticism, sexism, and ageism, but recently, she’s been dealing with a heck of a lot more in the wake of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Amidst constant debate of whether Carrie had “aged well” and cruel comments about her body, Carrie recently took to Twitter to defend herself while making a seriously important point about body image in relation to sexism.

After these comments, New York Post columnist Kyle Smith claimed that if she “doesn’t like being judged on looks, she should quit acting.” Ugh.

“Fisher made millions off being pretty,” Smith wrote. “Far from being bitter about this, she and other actresses who profited nicely from their looks should be grateful they had a turn at the top.”

But of course, in typical Carrie fashion, she fired back in the best way possible.

Now, numerous fans are pointing out the fact that Carrie had predicted this vitriol and ageism years ago in her 2011 memoir, Shockaholic. In the book, Carrie wrote about the fact that, although her role as Princess Leia is iconic and unforgettable, it also had an effect that 20-something Carrie didn’t realize:

Did you just get the urge to stand up and clap? Yeah, us too.

Of course, it’s unbelievable and 100% problematic that Carrie is dealing with this sort of backlash for something we all do — age — but we love that she is taking this negative situation and using it to make waves, start a conversation, and change the world for women everywhere.

(Image via Twitter.)

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