There was a huge parade of Princess Leias for Carrie Fisher, and we heart this so much

There is no right or wrong way to mourn the loss of our beloved Carrie Fisher. Over the last few days we’ve seen so many different types of tributes pop up, from social media posts, to a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, to even billboards. Now, another tribute has just happened, and this one has us dancing in the streets — literally.

Deep in your heart, don’t you kinda know that Carrie would want a giant parade of Princess Leias to celebrate her? She would have loved this.

In true Mardi Gras style, yesterday the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana came alive with hundreds of Leias, and so many more Star Wars characters. Organized by the The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus (who frequent Mardi Gras parades) and led by the Leijorettes (a group of dances who all dress like Princess Leia and hello, are you accepting new members?) they took to the streets of the city to honor the fallen Princess General in one giant tribute parade.





"Princess Leia defined cool," they wrote on the Facebook page for the parade. "She showed how a courageous, intelligent, beautiful intergalactic princess could handle some serious shit and look good doing it. She choked giant slug gangsters, fearlessly stood up to the most evil cyborg in the galaxy (who also happened to be her dead beat dad), ran an entire rebellion, kicked ass in a metal bikini if she needed to and was a deadly shot with a blaster."

You need to see this parade, because it is the best parade you’ll see all year. No one’s sad and upset, but rather, embracing the life of Carrie, Leia, and everything these two fierce ladies made happen.

We can’t get over how amazing this whole thing is, and how it truly encompasses the joyous and kickass attitude that we love about Carrie and Leia.