We have learned something absolutely heart shattering about Carrie Fisher’s death

The news of Carrie Fisher’s passing is hitting us all in different stages and waves, and with each new tweet and statement to hit the internet, we cry a little bit more. We’ve also just learned some new information about her time in the hospital, and GET ALL THE TISSUES YOU CAN FIND.

According to TMZ — who spoke to sources, so take that as what you will — unfortunately, even after entering the hospital, Carrie’s condition did not improve. While we have every reason to believe that she was in and out of the emergency room, and then transferred to the ICU, according to these sources she never fully regained consciousness.

Though reports were released that she was in stable condition, it sounds like they were not true, so why were they made? The answer seems simple enough. Sorry for this untimely Star Wars reference, but the allegedly false reports were probably made to give us hope. The last thing we ever want to hear is that Carrie Fisher isn’t doing well, and to calm our nerves over the holiday season, reports that her condition was getting better were probably released to give us that hope that she could pull through, and spend another day tweeting at the world.

If anything were to save 2016, it would have been Carrie Fisher pulling through.

Once again, this news isn’t confirmed and won’t be confirmed until one of Carrie’s reps tells us either way. And whatever way, it’s still horribly sad and our hearts continue to break over, and over again.