Carrie Fisher’s beloved pup Gary allegedly found a forever home with his mom’s assistant

If there’s one thing that never fails to make us smile, it’s puppies. If there’s another thing that never fails to make us smile, it’s when puppies find forever homes. That’s why we’re smiling (okay sobbing) over the news that Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary has a new home… and it’s with the late icon’s assistant!

Carrie’s French Bulldog (and service dog) is living with Corby McCoin and we’re so happy for the duo. According to TMZ,  Gary and Corby had a real connection before Carrie’s passing, traveling together and taking Instagram photos to prove their devotion.

Carrie originally adopted the pup from her daughter Billie Lourd, to help her deal with her bipolar disorder. Gary was always by her side, ready to smile, lick, or play the pain away. And although Gary was supposed to go back to Billie (he’s best friends with her bulldog Tina), it also makes sense for Gary to go to Corby, whom he already spent so much time with.

We’re sure that Gary misses Carrie (us, too, little guy), but according to his Instagram, he’s quite happy in his new home.

After all, Gary is pretty much a celebrity! He hit many red carpets alongside his mom, providing emotional and mental support, not to mention an extra dose of adorable for those who got to witness the two. He’s also amassed more than 134,000 followers on Instagram, and with his sweet face and sentimental captions, we’re really not surprised. Not to mention his silly tongue!

We’re so happy for Gary and his forever home!