Carrie Fisher brought her dog Gary to an interview and it was the very best

Are you familiar with worldwide sensation, Gary Fisher? He’s kinda quiet, but he’s downright adorable with a face that you just want to kiss all day. He’s also super cuddly and big into movies, and while you might have not seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, he has. Because Gary Fisher is Carrie Fisher’s dog, and he’s the coolest animal on the planet right now.

Fisher returns to her iconic role as Princess General Leia in Force Awakens, but it’s not like she really ever went anywhere. She’s been around this whole time, and if you’re familiar with her on social media you know she loves to post pictures of her pooch. All Gary all the time. So it only makes sense that when it came time to pick a travel buddy for the Star Wars press tour, Fisher decided to take her dog along for the ride. Because who WOULDN’T take their dog along to promote the biggest movie of the year?

Last week, the two made their way over to Good Morning America and participated in what is one of the best interview segments ever recorded. Fisher got her own seat, Gary got his own seat, and yes, halfway through the interview one of them started fall asleep (it was Gary).

We can’t blame him, because he’s a dog after all. It’s just a surprise he did drift off to puppy slumber considering Fisher had the entire GMA studio in complete stitches with her one-liners about what it’s like to play the OG kick-butt space princess. According to her, she got into character and never got out, so stepping back into the role was easy. And the real reason she brought Gary along is because his tongue, which is always hanging out of his mouth, matched her pink sweater. And her pink sweater appears to have bedazzled Christmas trees on it, so is this the best interview ever or the BEST INTERVIEW EVER?

Fisher and Gary are still on the press tour circuit, so hopefully they keep their woman-dog show going for at least another week, if not for the next year. Check out the video below, and maybe someone can find something for Gary to do in Episode VIII.

(Image via YouTube)

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