Carrie Fisher’s dog, Gary, just joined Instagram and he’s living the best life

One of the biggest stars to emerge from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens press tour isn’t even in the movie. He’s also a little short, furry, and h as a tongue like a Gungan. Whether he intended to or not, Carrie Fisher’s adorable French bulldog, Gary, has completely stolen the show this past few weeks and while the current focus might be mostly on Leia, Luke, and Han, it’s about time Gary got some recognition, too.

He’s also already seen Force Awakens, so go ahead, be jealous of the dog.

Fisher has had Gary for about three years now, and adopted him as a service dog which means that the two are rarely every apart. That translates to, they’re best friends and  practically inseparable. You might love your dog a whole lot, but when it’s time to go off to work, you probably leave your pooch behind. That’s not the case with Fisher and Gary. He’s traveled all over the world, visited the Star Wars shooting locations, hung out with the Star Wars cast, and has started popping up in recent interviews, as all dogs should. He’s a natural in front of the camera, taking a page right out of his human’s book.

While Gary is a huge staple of Fisher’s social media presence, now he’s got his own Instagram, too. You mean, more pictures of Gary, adorably sleeping, with his tongue hanging out, filtered through Valencia? Sign us up.

But now that we’re here, let’s not forget Gary’s other finer moments in life. This is most definitely the Star Wars dog we’ve been looking for. And pay homage to the tongue. So much tongue!

Here Gary either post watching Twilight, or got really sleepy as the sun started setting.

He also follows the same writing technique that many of us use: Write twenty words, fall asleep on our words.

Gary is always up for a party, no matter what the celebration.

But Gary’s also perfectly fine spending a cozy day curled up in the covers, writing, napping, binging, the works.

His big puppy eyes and THAT TONGUE could melt even the coldest of hearts.

Is he laughing? Sneezing? Thinking about life? Whatever he’s doing, Gary’s got his life all figured out.

Friendly reminder that Gary’s done the morning talk show circuit, and you have not, and he’s a dog.

Another friendly reminder that this little cutie has seen Star Wars, and you have not, and he’s a dog.

In short, Carrie & Gary forever.

(Images via Twitter.)

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