See the awesome changes Carrie Fisher made to her character in the original “Empire Strikes Back” script

If you didn’t know, on top of being an incomparable actress, stellar person, and all around rockstar, Carrie Fisher was also a super talented writer, and now we can see first hand some of the changes Carrie made to the Empire Strikes Back script. In addition to penning her own novels, Carrie Fisher contributed to scripts for classic movies we all love, like The Wedding Singer and Sister Act. Even if you knew all of that, you might not have known that she contributed heavily to the role and character of Leia Organa…and not just on screen.

Will McCrab, a cinematographer and producer currently working with Christopher Nolan, tweeted the following picture of Carrie’s edits to Leia’s dialogue in The Empire Strikes back, and we’re blown away.


Most of her changes are what ended up in the final film. We especially love when she took out the line where Leia says “What’s a Lando system?” because the Leia we know and love is not a damsel in distress who needs mansplaining.

“Amazingly multitalented” is right, for sure. It’s amazing to think of what an impact Leia has had on our culture, and what a beloved and iconic character she is — and perhaps even more amazing to think of what an incredible impact Carrie Fisher has had in shaping Leia’s character. We’re pretty happy knowing that Carrie Fisher personally had a hand in our childhoods.

On this sad day when we’re mourning the loss of one of our best and brightest, though, it’s nice to find yet another way that Carrie Fisher has touched people. We’ve got endless love and gratitude for our late, great general.

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