Carrie Fisher pops up in the first trailer for “Catastrophe” Season 3, and we’re already misty eyed

We’ve been looking forward to season 3 of Catastrophe since last season ended, but now that the Catastrophe season 3 trailer has been released, there’s an entirely unforeseen issue we’re going to have watching it. We didn’t even think about the fact that Carrie Fisher plays Rob Delaney’s mother, and after losing her recently, we’ve just realized seeing her in this trailer that Season 3 of Catastrophe is going to be so painful to watch.

We love the show, and we’re thrilled to get more, but wow. Even this bite-sized bit is making us tear up. It doesn’t help that we keep thinking about Sharon Horgan’s incredibly moving essay about her late co-star.

According to previous interviews with Rob Delaney, Fisher’s character will feature in a larger role this season than she did in years prior, and it feels like both a blessing and a curse. For one, Rob Delaney confirmed that her scenes are DOPE:

“We just finished shooting last week and Carrie’s scenes haven’t been seen by anyone yet. Except for me and Sharon [Horgan] that is, and our director, producer, and editor. We’ve seen them and they’re amazing.

While we’re *so* excited that there’s still some Carrie yet to come into our lives, we’re also still really emotional about losing one of our all time faves so unexpectedly, and so this season is definitely going to be a rollercoaster.

Luckily, we have total faith in both Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan to make an incredible season of television that’s both real and hilarious based on the previous two seasons, so we’re certain it’s going to work out beautifully in the end.

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