There was a “The Carrie Diaries” reunion, and there might be something more happening, too

Some of the actresses from The Carrie Diaries had a mini reunion and posted the pics on Instagram. Stefania Owen, who played Carrie Bradshaw’s younger sister Dorrit, shared a pic of herself hanging with former costars AnnaSophia Robb (who played Carrie) and Lindsey Gort (who played Samantha). The show’s executive producer executive producer Amy B. Harris was also there.

Was there more to this gathering than just catching up with former cast mates? Is it possible that they are trying to hash out future plans for the show?

"Carrie diaries season 3??" Stefania captioned the photo.

However, The Carrie Diaries was cancelled in 2014 after only two seasons, so it’s probably unlikely that the show will be picked up for a third season several years later.

Will the Carrie Diaries get a movie?

Lindsey Gort captioned her ‘gram with “#themovie,” so maybe the group was trying to figure out how to create a movie-length story about a young Carrie? It would be great to see a completed and wrapped up story. Is there a chance we could get a movie instead of a third season?

While there isn’t probably a huge chance of this project getting off of the ground, it’s nice to see that the cast has stayed friends after show ended. But we won’t count out the Carrie Diaries just yet. There are plenty of television shows that were cancelled and seemed dead in the water, but were later resurrected. We’ll have to cross our fingers (and our toes) that these ladies have something in the works for us!

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