Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker never wanted to play Carrie Bradshaw

Sarah Jessica Parker mesmerized us all for years as style-icon, relationship guru, and fictional BFF Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. But it turns out all that magic almost didn’t happen. WHAT?

In a recent interview with Seth Rudetsky, Parker said she filmed the pilot because she loved the script, but when she found out HBO picked it up she tried everything she could to get out of it. No, really. She even offered to do three projects for HBO for free if they’d let her out of her Sex and the City contract. What was she thinking?!

According to Rudestsky, who published some of his chat with Parker in Playbill, she didn’t want to be tied down to just one job. She really liked going to gig to gig and being a “journeyman,” so the idea of shooting a TV show, even if it was Sex in the City, wasn’t something she was particularly into.

Little did she know that TV show would become the TV show. Luckily, HBO was able to persuade her to stick with it, and now she says she has #noregrets about strapping on those Manolos for so many years. 

While it’s weird to think about Sex and the City with no Parker, it almost happened even without the actress’s hesitation. Dana Delaney (who you might remember from Desperate Housewives) was also up for the part of Carrie Bradshaw. Bottom line? We’re happy you stuck around, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Also, it also looks like we might have not seen the last of Carrie yet! Parker teased that the ladies might be getting back together for a new project soon. That’s a rumor that’s been swirling for a while now, so here’s hoping it comes true sooner rather than later!

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