Carmelo Anthony would like you to know that he really does enjoy Vanessa Carlton, thank you very much

A few days ago, we talked about those swoonworthy Instagram clips of the U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball team singing along to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” on their flight down to Rio.

While players Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving performed the 2001 hit with the enthusiastic stage presence of a thousand Vanessa Carltons, player DeMar DeRozan — who posted the video on Instagram — noted that Carmelo Anthony’s facial expression was the definition of not down.


Anthony’s unamused demeanor began to go as viral as his teammates’ singalong — especially when the early aughts songstress herself tweeted about it.

Melo was even asked about his now-famous disgruntled expression in a recent ESPN interview, and he was quick to explain that it had nothing to do with the melodic sounds of our alt-pop songbird — but everything to do with mornings.

“They know I don’t like early mornings, man, so that was Jimmy [Butler]’s playlist… I’m taking the playlist back from him. I’m taking the speakers back from him. No more music.”

Anthony shared his fondness for the movie White Girls as he defended his Vanessa Carlton appreciation: “I actually like that song, though… I like the movie White Chicks, but they got me early in the morning.”

Rest easy in knowing that our entire Olympic basketball team will be simultaneously representing our “A Thousand Miles” adoration AND our country.