Carly Rae Jepsen Is Channeling Frenchy From ‘Grease’ With New Bubblegum-Pink Hair

We're going to call her hairstylist maybe.

In today’s edition of celebrity hair transformations, Carly Rae Jepsen ditched her platinum blonde bob for a dreamy shade of pink. The singer debuted her new look in a series of photos on Instagram—and we’re drooling over both her new pink hair and the outfits she wore while modeling the look.

On September 9th, the “Call Me Maybe” singer posted four pictures showing off her bubblegum-pink hair with the simple caption, “?Pink? @thenixpix”, giving her photographer boyfriend Nick Theodorakis credit for the photos.

Honestly, we think Jepsen is channeling a Pink Lady and our favorite beauty school dropout, Frenchie from Grease, with this look. (Though it’s a much better dye job, of course!) The singer did play her on Grease Live!, so it’s not totally out of the question.

carly rae jepsen grease live frenchie pink hair

While we’re totally captivated by the hair, the real star of these photos might be the pink velvet blazer she’s wearing in the third photo—or, wait, maybe it’s the emerald-green corduroy skirt in the fourth image.

Regardless, we’re adding all of Jepsen’s pics to our Fall 2020 mood board, stat.

Jepsen’s boyfriend posted several other photos of the singer to his own Instagram, and this time, Jepsen’s hair matches the comforter of the twin bed she’s sitting on. He captioned the post, “She wrote a song about my dog that she sings all the time around the house.⁣ So for those keeping score that’s Baxter – 1, Nick – 0.”

Jepsen is no stranger to switching up her hair color: The singer has dabbled with blonde, brunette, and red over the years. But this bubblegum-pink hair is showing off a new, playful side of the Canadian, and we’re digging the positive vibes. We all know we could use them this year.

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