Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest single is a masturbation anthem, and get it, girl

If you feel like you’ve been waiting forever for new music from Carly Rae Jepsen, we have good news for you: the wait is finally over. Her new single, “Party For One,” is out now, and it’s all about self-love—both emotional and physical.

In the song, which she teased on social media all week, Jepsen is singing about how she doesn’t care if someone isn’t interested in her or not—because she’s interested in herself. The ’70s-themed music video is the perfect counterpart to lyrics like, “Party for one / If you don’t care about me / Making love to myself / Back on my beat.”

The message of “Party For One” is particularly satisfying because it addresses something we’ve all had to tackle: learning to love ourselves even if someone else rejects us. Plus, it’s super catchy.

And the video is so much fun all on its own—between the ’70s sets, the costumes, and different ways people are participating in self-care, it’s hard to choose what our favorite part is. Eating spaghetti in the bathtub (along with some wine) seems like a pretty legit evening, but so is letting out all of your emotions, good and bad, while chowing down on some popcorn and pizza and watching a movie in bed. Everyone in this video is doing it right.

If you’re ever feeling down, follow Jepsen’s advice for a self-esteem boost: throw a party for yourself and celebrate you. After hearing this song, we are dying for more new music from her. Album release date, please?

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