Carl’s Jr. is thinking about putting items like a “burgerito” and “pizza fries” on the menu

Carl’s Jr. has already brought us so much delectable menu items throughout the years, it’s hard to believe they could come up with even more satisfying tasty treats.

But according to  E!, there are a bunch of new possible menu items on the way that could blow our mind (and our taste buds) out of the water.

Their whole array of possible items range is exciting and impressive. The burgerito, which mixes the heartiness of a hamburger with the tastiness of a burrito into one overwhelmingly good mix of the two, makes you proud to be American (and also hungry. Very, very hungry).


There are also items like the birthday cake milkshake that look so good, you consider just skipping the rest of the meal altogether and going straight for dessert.


Another dessert that sounds hardcore intriguing is the “bisnut,” a donut made out of Carl’s Jr. biscuit dough, served warm. We’re not mad about that.


And some genius chef came up with the idea of combining fries and pizza into PIZZA FRIES. Thank you genius chef, thank you forever.


Though none of the items have been officially confirmed available anywhere, hopefully Carl’s Jr. isn’t just teasing us with these mouth-watering and creative treats and they’ll be available for us to try very soon. You can check out the other possible menu additions over at E!

Until then, all we can do is patiently wait and imagine what it’ll be like to have them be part of our world.