We’re in tears reading Carey Hart’s tribute to Pink on their anniversary

Fourteen years of marriage is a major accomplishment, especially in the celebrity world, where the average marriage lifespan seems to be around three years. Pink and husband Carey Hart reached this milestone on Tuesday, January 7th, and we’re toasting the couple’s achievement.

The 40-year-old singer and 44-year-old athlete have two kids together, and they’ve always been honest about the struggles of parenting and marriage.

Hart celebrated their anniversary with a heartfelt message and series of photos on Instagram, including one from their wedding day in 2006.

"14 years married to this amazing woman. I’m so proud of the life that we have built together," he wrote in the caption. "Both of us came from broken homes, yet we made the choice to work hard at our relationship. And look at us now! Two misfits when we met, we have grown together and now have an amazing family. Thank you for being my best friend (I know you don’t like that), and amazing mother to our wild kids. I love you so much."


We’re swooning over the second photo of the whole family—Pink, Carey, and children Willow, 8 years old, and Jameson, 3 years old. Pink followed up with her own anniversary post filled with throwback photos of the couple, showing their many hairstyles dating back to the early aughts.

"So many years, So many hairstyles @hartluck.....We’ve been at this thing a long time, babe. It isn’t perfect, but I’m grateful it’s ours. I love our family. Thank you for walking in front of me, beside me, and right behind me at times. 'You’re a real man, carey hart.' #agreetodisagree#fightnice #wehatethesamepeople#myrock#noonemakesmeangrierthanyou#butyouresuperhot"


Talk about a mohawk. Although this post is totally aww-worthy, Pink kept it real (like always), by hinting that her sappy post wasn’t totally genuine in the moment with a second Instagram post. She shared a photo of a gorgeous bouquet and a handwritten note from Hart, admitting that she wasn’t “even feeling” Hart when she originally posted the collection of throwback photos.

"Alright I’m not gonna lie when I put that post up earlier I wasn’t really even feeling you that much @hartluck but well played, we’re good. I like you again. ❤️😍❤️ #marriage#itsaprocess #finallyflowers😹 #love"


We love how honest Pink and Hart are about their relationship, because no one is perfect, especially after 14 years of life together. Marriage is hard work, but in this couple’s case, it appears to be worth it.

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