This is your perfect job, according to your zodiac sign

Choosing a career is no easy feat, especially since there’s so much out there. It can be hard to narrow down this abundant selection as you work to find what works for you (literally). To help with this challenge, you could always look to the stars for a bit of career advice—after all, they’re always there for you.



At your core, you’re a humanitarian who tends to care more about others than you care about yourself. That’s why you’d specifically thrive in a social service-related career, maybe even as a therapist or counselor. Since you are an especially good listener who also has the skills that make for a great leader, you’d do well in a setting where you work to help others find peace and achieve their goals.



Your artistic sensibilities have guided you from the beginning, so why stop now? When looking for a career path that speaks to your soul, the arts are likely to call you, which is great—because there are so many artistic paths to choose from. Though, since you work well with others and also have musical sensibilities, you should consider the career of a musician. In fact, with your compassion, music therapy may be the perfect career path for you.



As a natural-born leader, you most likely wouldn’t be happy in any position where you’re not the boss. With your determination and passion, you would definitely be able to handle creating your own business. Becoming an entrepreneur would allow you to use your energy to motivate others, which you make sure a job gets done as it should. Because you love a challenge, you don’t see entrepreneurship as scary and intimidating—you see it as an obstacle that can be conquered with hard work.



Honestly, thanks to your reliability and patience, you’re likely to do well in whatever career you choose. Yet, since you crave stability, any ole career won’t do. You want a career that will help pay the bills—but you mustn’t ignore your creative inclinations. With this in mind, you should look to be the manager of a design firm. Or simply find ways to make stable careers (such banking or real estate) more artistic. After all, you have it in you to persevere no matter what you choose to do.



When it comes to your career, you’re probably plagued by indecisiveness—that’s because you have dueling personality traits: You’re serious, yet up for a good time; thoughtful, yet ready to communicate; and adaptable, yet restless. Essentially, you need a career that constantly changes like your diverse disposition. Fields like journalism, consulting, and even directing would be perfect for you—since there’s always something different happening, on a day-by-day basis.



Your empathy is a powerful, beautiful part of who you are. It allows you to connect with and care for others, which is why you’d do great in a setting where you can use your nurturing side. As a nurse, a teacher, or even a human right’s lawyer, you would be spectacular. Yet, at the same time, you have to make sure that you’re able to control your empathy. Sometimes, you get too involved and sentimental, which could hurt you in a career where you’d have to deal with obstacles and disappointments. As long as you remember to keep your head (and empathy) above water, you’ll be golden.



Just like a lion in the wild, you get an A+ for expressing yourself. At times, you can be a bit dramatic—which is awesome, since you could easily transfer that energy to a career based on performing, artistry, or writing. For the most part, you’d be a great actor because you’re not afraid to be the star of the show or admired for all of your hard work. After all, you put your heart and soul into everything you do—and a performance would be no exception.



Analyzing little details others may not notice is your strong suit, but so is staying organized and remaining practical in the face of chaos. In other words: You would be a top-notch accountant. However, if math isn’t your strong suit, you should definitely consider the career path of a manager, engineer, or even a doctor. As long as your left brain gets a workout on a regular basis, you will be one happy camper.



You are a team player, through and through. This is especially because you’re excellent at sharing with others, working in harmony, and using your diplomacy to make sure things run smoothly. That’s exactly why you’d be a picture-perfect lawyer, judge, or mediator. At first, your indecisiveness may prevent you from wanting to try out such a career—but your dedication to justice will prevail in the end.



When you take into account that you’re both resourceful and trustworthy, one would think that you’d be great in the legal or law enforcement fields—and you would be, if you can get your emotions under control. While being emotional is a beautiful, human thing, it may be hard for you to embrace a job that requires you to put your emotions on the back burner. But that’s not a problem, since you could always take on a career that allows you to connect with your emotions—such as something in the psychology or social work realms.



Freedom is extremely important to you, especially when you consider your impulsive nature. To keep yourself happy in your career, it’s important that you do something that will allow you to be adventurous. With your generosity, you’d be great as a motivational speaker who travels the globe. Or, you could try being a travel guide or writer, which would be wonderful since your enthusiasm for adventure tends to be contagious.



It’s not always easy for you to embrace your sensitive side, especially since you’re known for your serious nature. This tends to work in your favor since this allows people to focus on the fact that you are a practical, responsible person with the ability to be a phenomenal manager. As long as you work to not let your pessimistic sensibilities get the best of you, you could thrive in a position of power. While you could be a manager of any kind, you should also consider being a politician or business owner.

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