Greeting cards for the bestie (or beastie) in your life

National Best Friends Day is a great occasion to get your BFF a card. But then again, so is EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. Sometimes a simple greeting card can be the best kind of spontaneous prezzie for your bestie. Cute paper goods that show how much you care with a sweet note written inside is a sure way to get your best friend to smile. Such an easy gift!

If you and your BFF are cryptozoology nerds, this ‘beastie’ card by Yeppie Paper will be the perfect surprise. It shows two hairy mythological creatures—Sasquatch and Yeti—palling around like old chums. Yeppie Paper is the brainchild of a sister and brother who make adorably hand-painted cards with unique illustrations.

If you want to pick something up for your sweetheart, this magnifying glass card is a good choice.

And if you know someone who deserves a thoughtful congratulations, this one would be absolutely perf.

Cards, $4.50

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