Today in awesome: You can now play Cards Against Humanity online

I have a confession. I miss Cards Against Humanity with all of my heart and soul. Back in college, my friends and I used to play all the time. I’d tell you which are the funniest combos I remember, but, well, they’re pretty PG-13.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Cards Against Humanity is a hysterical card game —essentially, a politically incorrect (see also: super inappropriate) version of Apples to Apples. It was launched via Kickstarter, and the company calls it a “party game for horrible people.” I am certainly one of those horrible people, because I LOVE IT.

It is for the above reason that I let out an audible scream of happiness when it was announced that you can now play Cards Against Humanity with anyone, online. As long as you and your friends are within earshot of one another, you don’t need a physical deck of cards: you can just whip out your smartphones, tablets, or laptops and get to playing. Car trips have just been made a whole lot more interesting.

Designer Dawson Whitfield came up with the brilliant idea to create the app, calling it “Cards Against Originality” (teehee, because it’s not officially affiliated with Cards Against Humanity). But it’s not an app that needs to be downloaded: it’s an online browser-based web app. One player sets up the game and is provided a custom link, which the player can send to whoever wants to play. AKA: No need to worry about the whole who-has-an-Android or who-has-an-iPhone thing.

One thing to keep in mind, this game isn’t an *official* app. It’s basically a fan-made app. Unfortunately, an official app will not happen. At least according to Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin. “We don’t think it’s very fun to play Cards Against Humanity on a phone, which is why we never shipped an app,” Temkin told Engadget. “We don’t want to make something slightly worse than the thing we’re already making. One of the best parts of playing Cards Against Humanity is just having an analogue experience with people and making your friends laugh. We’ve got a handful of new projects in the works and some of them are digital, but we think a phone game calls for a very different design than a card game.”

That being said, Temkin is totally OK with Cards Against Originality. “I’m glad that our fans have been able to take Cards Against Humanity and remix it into their own original things; that’s been a goal since we started working on our project,” he told Engadget. “Cards Against Humanity is obviously a remix of the comedy and games and pop culture that we love, and it’s extremely cool to see our thing inspiring people to make stuff.”

Still just wanna play with a real deck o’ cards? Have no fear: You can always buy Cards Against Humanity on the official site for $25, or download the PDF for free (though via that route you have to do quite a bit of cutting . . . and watch out for the black ink in your printer).

Be warned, if you go the app route, you probably won’t be able to do anything else for a long, long time. But who needs productivity when you’ve got friends, laughter, and hilarity?

Photo via durelle