Cards Against Humanity just made the most amazing Trump billboard, and it’s probably the best thing to happen this election season

This week in election news, a surprising Arabic Trump billboard has gone viral, and for such a good reason. And, in context, it was actually TOTALLY HILARIOUS. According to the Detroit Free Press, the Michigan Trump billboard was funded with money from the Nuisance Committee super PAC. And it gets better than just that name, because that committee was created by the Cards Against Humanity creator. What a time to be alive, folks.

Like, come on guys. How freakin’ funny is this?


As some on Twitter explained, the billboard essentially read,

"Donald Trump can't read this but he's afraid of it."

Proving just how deeply Islamophobia runs. And, seriously, this is such an important billboard. Nuisance Committee spokeswoman Melissa Harris explained,

"We came up with it because we believe that Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric is not based on reality. It's based in fear. And we think that irrational fear is what's driving his anti-immigrant message."

Considering that Donald Trump considers all things “foreign” (ugh) to be a threat to the point that he’d rather kick all Muslims out of the country and shut down our borders to Mexicans (who, in case you forgot, Trump called rapists), this is a perfect joke. Oh, and don’t forget his running mate, Pence, whose fear of Syrian refugees led him to try to ban them from his home state of Indiana (which, BTW, is totally illegal).

Though Pence has said that Trump changed his mind on banning Muslims, the statement has done its damage. Islamophobia continues to do very, very real damage in this country, and it’s disgusting.

Long story short? We’re SO HERE for this billboard.


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