There’s a rumor that Cards Against Humanity is coming out with a Disney deck

As any grown person who loves Disney knows, the animated films may be made for children, but people of all ages can enjoy them. Yet, there may be something coming just around the river bend that is certainly only for adults. There’s an internet rumor that Cards Against Humanity is releasing a Disney deck, and this is truly a wish our heart made when we were fast asleep — and it should be a dream for all adult Disney fans out there, too.

According to Pretty52, a post showing the Disney-themed cards was posted on Cards Against Humanity’s Facebook page, but then was quickly taken down. Yet, some savvy fans took screenshots to capture the Disney magic.

While we aren’t sure if these alleged Cards Against Humanity Disney cards are even legitimate, we have to admit that this image from Instagram user chezrep_ww still makes us want to play all the same.

(Make sure to click to see the second image of the white cards.)

Cards Against Humanity thrives on being the most inappropriate game out there, and there’s just something so completely, perfectly irreverent about combining the pure innocence of Disney with this perverted game. For example, how could you not crack up if someone threw down “Vaginal burns from Lumiere” as an answer??

And Beauty and the Beast isn’t the only Disney film to get the Cards Against Humanity treatment, with there being other equally offensive jokes courtesy of Toy Story, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, and 101 Dalmatians.

Plus, how could there not be the very obvious, but oh-so-necessary Donald Dick card? (Although part of us can’t help but feel bad for poor Donald as some of our simple, childlike wonder is lost.)

The Cards Against Humanity Facebook page is not updated that frequently — with the company posting sometimes less than once a month — so we are skeptical that an announcement this big would accidentally slip through the cracks. And while the company is known to have specific packs, like Fantasy Pack, Science Pack, and Vote for Hillary Pack, focusing on a company as big as Disney could get Cards Against Humanity in trouble.

But if the claim about the Disney cards isn’t legitimate, maybe it will inspire the company to make them all the same. After all, you know what Jiminy Cricket says — so people wanting a Disney desk from Cards Against Humanity better get to wishing on a star.

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