The Cards Against Humanity makers are trolling Black Friday again

Happy Black Friday everyone, and shout-out to your wallets, which are bound to be a little slimmer by the end of the day. Whether you’re brave enough to head out and fight the crowds at the nearest mall, or instead enjoy the peaceful process of shopping online, today is the day for huge sales and great bargains. You’ll find them all over the Internet, boasting that so and so has THE BEST Black Friday deal, but none of them will ever be as funny as the Black Friday deal from Cards Against Humanity.

For the past few years, Cards Against Humanity has spared no expense reminding us that the hullabaloo surrounding Black Friday is kinda ridiculous. In 2013, they actually sold their card game for $5 higher than the retail selling price (and still managed to sell a bunch). In 2014, they sold boxes of “Bulls&%#,” and those were boxes full of literal poop. Just poop. So how do you top that for 2015?

Easy. Sell nothing, but still convince people to send you money. These guys know what they’re doing.

Writing on their Facebook page, they’ve taken down their site’s store for the whole day, and replaced it with something simple: “We’re announcing a one-day-only ‘Give Cards Against Humanity $5 Sale.’ The deal is simple. You give us $5. We give you nothing.” On the sale page there’s even a button you have to check off noting that you UNDERSTAND you are getting nothing in return for this $5, so these guys know what they’re doing and are covering all their bases as well.

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