Cardi B Is All of Us Watching Election Results Roll In

The stress caused Cardi B to take up smoking (times three).

As was true for many Americans watching the election coverage last night—the numbers and projections were really starting to get to us. Cardi B posted a hilarious and relatable video to her Instagram last night, November 3rd, as she watched the electoral college map fluctuate from blue to red, back to blue, back to red again, so on and so forth. The stress is enough to make one take up smoking, and heavily.

Trying to quell her fear of a second Trump term, Cardi B jokingly lit up three cigarettes and smoked them all at the same time. She captioned her video, “How these elections got me watching these states turn red ????.”

Cardi B is an outspoken celebrity who initially endorsed Bernie Sanders before Joe Biden won the Democratic ticket. Since then, Cardi has encouraged fans and followers to vote for Biden, tagging a November 2nd video #BIGBIDEN.

On the morning of November 3rd, Election Day, she posted a video directly after voting for Biden at her local community center. “It was easy peasy,” Cardi said in the video, in which she has two “I Voted” stickers stuck on her nose. “The hardest part was getting out of the fucking car.”

She said in the prior video that she planned to get up early to get in line, and her plan paid off. In her caption, Cardi B noted, There was ten people on line.

The election is still too close to call, with mail-in ballots still being counted in several states across the U.S. Earlier this morning, Trump falsely declared himself the winner based on Election Day results and not counting the mail-in votes yet to be added to the equation.

Though we absolutely don’t endorse taking up smoking, we feel Cardi B and her trio of cigs, and we feel her deeply. The stress and anxiety is real, people. Do what you need to do to take care of your mental health today.

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