Cardi B says she sometimes gets treated “sh*tty” when she shops at high-end stores — before people recognize her

Remember that scene in the movie Selena when the Latina singer is treated super rudely by a saleswoman and is basically told a dress is too expensive for her because the saleswoman doesn’t know she is, in fact, dealing with the Selena Quintanilla? Well, rapper Cardi B can relate: In a May 17th tweet, Cardi revealed that she’s treated pretty much the same way whenever she shops at high-end stores — until they realize who she really is. And that isn’t cool.

“Every time i go to a high end store dressed regular and the sales person treat me sh*tty! i get reminded of the Selena movie then Somebody always comes in like ‘Cardi I’m your biggest fan’ and they attitude change NA B*TCH — KEEP THE SAME HURRY AND BUY,” she tweeted, adding an angry face and middle finger emoji for good measure.

The news comes as both surprising and disappointing. For starters, who doesn’t know who Cardi B is? The rapper was not only front and center at this year’s Met Gala, but even Bernie Sanders knows her name. More importantly, not receiving quality service because she’s a woman of color is not okay. Everyone, famous or not, deserves the best customer service possible. Besides, who wouldn’t want to serve Cardi B? She’s got sick fashion sense — anyone would be lucky to help style her.

If Cardi needs a personal shopper, we would offer our services. Anything to soak up her sense of style.

This is the second sticky retail incident the star has encountered this month. Just recently, Cardi got into a bit of a confrontation when she refused to pose for a selfie with fans while out shopping because she didn’t think she looked her best.

In response to the kerfuffle, Cardi tweeted, “I always take pictures with fans. If I don’t have no makeup, in a rush, not in the mood, I’m not obligated and not everybody is YOUR FAN. Clearly.”

Which is true. She’s not obligated. And as much as we hope Cardi never encounters a rude salesperson again, if it does happen, we hope she uses the Selena line and tells them, “Excuse me, ma’am. We don’t need the dress.”

Mic drop.

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