Cardi B opened up about the negative pregnancy side effect she wasn’t expecting

Everyone’s pregnancy experience is different. But no matter what, one thing is pretty consistent among mom-to-bes: The symptoms that come along with pregnancy can be overwhelming. Forget about morning sickness, exhaustion, and strange cravings, because they’re just the beginning. Cardi B just shared one of the weirder symptoms of pregnancy, and we have to admit, it does sound a little wacky.

The rapper confirmed that she was pregnant during her April 7th performance on Saturday Night Live; she’s expecting her first child with her fiancé, Offset. And even though she kept it a secret for a while, she has been pretty open about it ever since.

On Saturday, May 5th, in typical Cardi B style, she tweeted about the weird dreams she’s been having the last few months. Apparently, these dreams are one of the things she really doesn’t like about being pregnant.

But Cardi B isn’t only dealing with creepy dreams.

She also seems to be having some pretty intense sex dreams as well.

It’s definitely not just Cardi B. Pregnancy dreams are a known side effect of carrying a child.

The American Pregnancy Association thinks they might know why dreams are so much more vivid and weird when you’re pregnant. Researchers and doctors believe it could be because of the increase in hormone production, which could affect your emotions and anxiety. It could also impact the way your brain processes emotions, resulting in strange dreams.

Another reason for pregnancy dreams could be the disruption to your normal sleeping pattern. When you’re pregnant, you may not sleep as well, which messes with your REM sleep and can impact how you dream.

That’s not the only thing getting to Cardi B about this pregnancy.

She also can’t manage to catch her baby kicking at the right time.

Keep sharing your pregnancy journey with us, Cardi!

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