Cardi B Made a Wig for a Fan With Cancer, and It’s the Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

Cardi B's handmade pink-streaked wig made this fan's entire year.

In the January 21st episode of her new Facebook Watch series called Cardi Tries, Cardi B entered the wondrous world of wig making. She visited Giovanni & Son Human Hair wigmakers to learn the process of crafting a human-hair wig, which eventually was gifted to a fan who lost her hair due to cancer treatments. And yes, you’ll laugh and cry multiple times throughout the 11-minute video.

Cardi was joined by her friends Kway and Tokyo Stylez in the wig crafting process, with all three of them learning how to weigh and “hackle” the human hair imported from India, which is then hand-tied into individual “wefts.” Finally, the wefts are sewn into bundles, which are then worked into full wigs.

Once Cardi better understood the painstaking process of making the wigs, she was ready to do something great with her newfound knowledge. So, she worked with the staff at Giovanni & Son to put a Cardi B spin on a few wigs going to people with cancer.

“This is going to a little girl—I want to see the pictures and everything because I made this with love,” Cardi said while packaging up a completed pink-streaked wig. And the clip of 11-year-old Khloe opening up her Cardi B-made wig will make you sob.

“Wigs are expensive,” Cardi said at the end of the episode. “I’m really happy that the wig that I made today—with some help, you know what I’m saying—is going to be donated. I hope it goes to somebody very special.”

It absolutely did. Khloe was in tears while trying on her wig, as were we. It’s pink, she said through the tears. Thank you so much. This is so pretty.

We’re crying. You’re crying. It’s just a feel-good moment we didn’t see coming.

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