Cardi B Clapped Back After a Troll Mom-Shamed Her About Kulture’s Pacifier

You may think the rapper’s initials C.B. stand for Cardi B. But actually, they stand for Clap Back (and the “Queen” is silent). When a Twitter user came after the “Press” artist for allowing her 2-year-old daughter Kulture to use a pacifier, Cardi B pulled out all the stops and shut down the mommy shamer real quick.

“How old is Cardi’s daughter? And she still sucks on a damn pacifier smh,” a Twitter user wrote in a since-deleted tweet on July 8th. Did they really think Cardi wouldn’t see this and hit back? Especially after she tweeted “Fuckin annoyed” hours prior? Please.

And man, oh man, did Cardi hit back. “Your mom probably old enough to not have teeth and she still suckin dick right?” she tweeted back that same day.

“Have a kid first and raise them your fucking self,” Cardi added.

Well, she does have a point.

Of all things to cast shade on, this person picked Kulture’s pacifier use? If Kulture wants to use a pacifier and her mother doesn’t have a problem with it, then you shouldn’t either. Though Cardi doesn’t have to explain her parenting decisions to anyone, the American Academy of Pediatrics actually believes pacifier use is fine and even helpful until age 4, or even longer, depending on the child and the situation.

“From a psychological perspective, pacifiers can be a useful transitional object that help babies self-soothe and stimulate, so many pediatric psychologists tend to be in favor of children who need them, up until the age of 3 or 4,” writes Dr. Ben Michaelis on Healthline.

Crossing Cardi is a bold move. But crossing Kulture? That’s just playing with straight fire. Luckily, the mom and daughter have more than enough backup on Twitter if needed.

Kulture, who Cardi shares with Offset, is ringing in her second birthday today, July 10th, so let the birthday girl live.

It must be exhausting to constantly have to deflect the mom-shaming in the public eye, but Cardi seems to have no trouble shutting down the trolls.

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