Cardi B gave us a house tour, and OMG, it’s insane

Cardi B and her husband, Offset, just bought a massive complex in Atlanta’s Tony Buckhead neighborhood. And in the spirit of Christmas generosity, they opened their doors to their Instagram followers yesterday, December 25th, so that we, too, can get a feel for what it’s like to own a house the size of a small country. This is truly the holiday gift we never knew we needed.

“So guys, we finally closed on our dream house, Cardi said in the first Instagram video she posted. “This is my second time seeing the house. And look how huge."

The camera panned upward to reveal a glimpse of the house’s massive facade and columns that rival the Parthenon’s. “Huge” may be an understatement, TBH.

Cardi and Offset then led us inside to the marble foyer, where they showed off a sweet (and enormous) white Christmas tree and an imposing wrought-iron staircase. Both in the video and in her caption, Cardi gave props to her real estate agent, Brandi Hunter-Lewis (@b_luxurious on Instagram), who scored the couple their 22,000-square-foot mansion after a two-year-long hunt.

“Closing time,” Cardi wrote in the caption, adding that the house-hunting process “has been a roller roller coaster!”

"Houses that @offsetyrn liked there was always a room I didn’t like that we couldn’t agreed on 😩and a couple houses that I liked @offsetyrn said NO because the areas they where in are not to good," she continued. "We even [thought] about building a house but with a family that’s a bit complicated. With the help of @b_luxurious and God WE GOT OUR HOUSE!!!!!"

Next, Cardi walked viewers through a formal living room with a fireplace, a kitchen with a bedroom-sized pantry, “a little powder room” that’s about the same square footage as a typical New York City studio apartment, and an infinity pool.

The couple also showed off their master-bedroom complex, which comes complete with its own laundry room, his-and-hers closets separated by a hallway, a library-sized shoe closet, and the master bathroom.

In the next video, Cardi joked about their wood-paneled office space, calling it “a little fake-ass library where the kids will have time out.”

Then Cardi and Offset showed off the basement, which they plan to convert into a duo “man cave” slash “beauty space.” The basement also boasts a fireplace, a full bar, and a wine cellar.

They ended the tour upstairs, which features even more bedrooms and bathrooms—we’ve lost count at this point—plus a huge playroom for the kids.

Offset also let us look at their garage, which can fit “seven or eight” Lams and Jags.

Honestly, we got a little choked up when Cardi got emotional during the tour—”I’m gonna cry!” she said in the living room. She worked hard to earn this house, and she’s credited much of her financial success to asking for what she wants without fear.

To embody Cardi’s Big Boss Energy, we’re asking to be invited back for another tour when they throw their house-warming party. Please!

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