Cardi B Completely Changed Up Her Hair for the Grammys, and It’s Perfect

Perfectly pink, that is.

Grammys night is *the* night for artists to show up in their most jaw-dropping looks—and that’s not limited to their outfits. At Sunday’s Grammy Awards, Cardi B surprised absolutely everyone when she took the stage with Megan Thee Stallion to perform “WAP” with a totally new hairdo. The outspoken rapper ditched her long dark locks in favor of a bubblegum-pink short look. She, of course, looked flawless.

Once Cardi hit the stage with Megan Thee Stallion, it was really hard to rip our eyes away from the cute pink cut—though Meg’s dance moves were enough to keep us watching. Cardi’s never been one to shy away from extremely bomb style, though, but this particular hair is something pretty new for her.

Twitter, as always, had plenty to say about the short cut—and it was pretty much all positive. When you look like *that* though, we don’t really see how it could be anything less than fawning over the rapper.

Cardi turned to celeb stylist Tokyo Stylez for her new pink look. The stylist used Joico products on Cardi’s pre-cut wig, including a rose gold shade to get that fun pink hue.

A few people called out the fact that Cardi’s new pink hair is giving them Demi Lovato vibes, and we totally see it. Lovato recently cut her hair super short and went pastel pink, not unlike what Cardi was rocking on the Grammys stage.

Alas, we know Cardi is a style chameleon, so this hair might have been a one-night-only deal, so we’re just going to soak it in while we can, because we may never see it again. We take solace, though, in knowing that she’ll *definitely* have more fun colors in the near future. At this point, is there any color that she hasn’t done?

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