Cardi B shared a DIY hair mask recipe with ingredients you have at home

We are all for at-home beauty treatments featuring ingredients we already have around the house, and it’s even better when they’re celeb-approved. Cardi B just shared the process behind her DIY hair mask, and it’s chock-full of ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

Taking followers along for the journey on her Instagram Stories, sharing why the at-home hair mask is a crucial part of her beauty routine. The ultra-nourishing mask works for both her hair and her daughter Kulture’s, helping Cardi’s hair grow while encouraging her little one’s “natural curl pattern.” Featuring just six ingredients, Cardi shared that the mask helps keep her hair looking and feeling strong and soft—and the end result will have you cracking eggs for a hair mask of your own immediately.

The rapper puts a mashed up avocado in a bowl, mixing it up with “a big chunky scoop” of mayonnaise, two eggs, a little bit of honey, “a lot” of Jamaican black castor oil, and a banana, before putting the entire mixture into a blender or food processor to blend it smooth.

Trust us: Watching Cardi B crack eggs for her DIY hair mask is the soothing self-care you need and deserve today.

She shared her DIY hair mask process on Instagram Stories, but a fan captured it and posted it to YouTube. Watch it below.

The secret behind all these kitchen staples, no doubt, is the powerhouse vitamins and fats in them. Banana and avocado are full of Biotin and magnesium to promote hair growth, and the oils provide fats that nourish hair, leaving it silky smooth. Eggs are full of protein to help strengthen strands.

She showed off Kulture’s hair after using the mask, with her adorable curls front and center. She also showed her own hair’s natural texture, which she says isn’t curly like Kulture’s and “puffs out” a couple of days after a blowout.


Cardi then took to her feed to share “the end results of all that shit I put in my hair earlier,” and we are inspired.

Picture us checking our kitchen cabinets to round up these items and dusting off our blenders because we absolutely need to try this ourselves. Selfies to follow shortly, of course.

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