You have to see Cardi B’s videos of her getting new dermal piercings

By now, we’re well aware that Cardi B is not afraid of taking some risks in the name of beauty. Just days after transforming her massive peacock tattoo and soon after getting a brand new back tattoo, the rapper took to Instagram to share a slew of video clips of herself getting a few new dermal piercings. Yes, it looks as painful (and hilarious) as you’d expect.

Cardi shared several Instagram videos on Wednesday, June 17th, documenting pretty much the entire process for her followers. She added two new dermal piercings in a straight line down the center of her chest from her existing round stud. Her new bling includes a dollar sign-shaped stud encrusted with diamonds and a sun-shaped stud. She also re-pierced below her lip (called a labret piercing), captioning the video “This bitch hurt ?I forgot how it felt.”

Cardi B held her husband Offset’s hand the entire way through, somehow handling the entire thing like a total pro.

Fair warning: These videos are not for the faint of heart. But in true Cardi fashion, we’re cringing, cheering, and cracking the heck up—all at the same time. Still with us? Check out the videos in all their painful glory.

After it was all over, she shared “the finale,” revealing her brand new piercings. They look incredible, so it certainly seems like the pain was worth it.

We can’t wait to see more of her new bling soon. If you’re inspired to add to your own collection, it’s worth checking your local guidelines amid to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic because recommendations and rules for personal services like tattoos and piercings vary by state. Safety should always be your top priority, no matter what beauty service you’re looking to try out.

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