Cardi B watched one of the most underrated Disney movies on Christmas, and this is our new holiday tradition

Yesterday was Baby Kulture’s first Christmas and Mama Cardi B made it one to remember. After documenting lavish gifts and trays of delicious food throughout the day on her Instagram Story, Cardi enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation with her little one. In her final update of the day, she posted a video of Kulture resting on her chest as she watched a movie on the couch. But it wasn’t just any movie. It was one of the best and most underrated Disney movies of all time: The Emperor’s New Groove.

“I love this movie,” Cardi whispered, likely in attempt to not wake a sleeping Kulture. And Cardi? SAME.


If you’ve never seen it, The Emperor’s New Groove, which came out in 2000, is a cartoon about Kuzco, a selfish Incan emperor. After he fires his sinister adviser Yzma, she attempts to poison and kill him. But she accidentally (and hilariously) transforms him into a llama instead. Chaos ensues and a good time is had by all. The Emperor’s New Groove is required viewing for all Disney lovers. Honestly, it’s the perfect movie to watch on Christmas. false

Hey, Cardi: Thoughts on playing Yzma in a live-action remake of The Emperor’s New Groove?

Because Twitter certainly seems to think you’d be perfect for the role.

We’re not getting our hopes up, but seeing Cardi B in a live-action remake of The Emperor’s New Groove would be the best news ever. But even just knowing that she loves the movie is good enough for us.

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