Cardi B debuted Gatorade blue hair, and we’re living for it

This has been the summer of celebrity makeovers, with some of our favorite stars changing their looks in unexpected ways. And now, Cardi B is one of them. While the “Be Careful” singer hasn’t jumped on the summer bob trend, she did debut pastel blue hair that matches her manicure perfectly, and we are living for it.

Cardi B’s blue hair isn’t as dark as Kim Kardashian’s comic book blue hair. The rapper’s shade looks more like Gatorade’s Cool Blue drink—in the best way. Cardi’s go-to stylist, Cliff Vmir, is responsible for her long ‘do. Not only does it remind us of the sports drink, but it’s reminiscent Queen Frostine from the Candy Land game.

But by far the most delightful part of Cardi’s transformation is the nail component–Jenny Spas gave the singer a blue manicure that complements her new hair. Cardi has switched out her signature long, pointy nails for long, square ones. She said in an Instagram post that she changed her nail shape because she doesn’t want to scratch her new baby, Kulture.

Cardi B’s ultra-long pastel blue hair is as sweet as can be.

We love it.

Doesn’t it look the same shade as Gatorade’s blue drink?

We’re going to match our nails to our hair color from now on.

This new blue hair is similar in length and style to the rainbow-colored hair Cardi rocked earlier this year.

It appears Cardi’s hair is a wig from Cliff Vmir’s brand, HYM Hair.

Cardi’s fans are absolutely loving it, and we’re right there with them.

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