Cardi B and Bernie Sanders just tackled student loan debt from a nail salon

It’s been a couple of weeks since we first saw that wild photo of Bernie Sanders sitting in a Detroit nail salon with Cardi B. It raised so many questions: What did they talk about? Will “Money” be Bernie’s new campaign song? Did he get a mani-pedi? Now, at last, we have answers, as the full interview is available online. (And no, if Sanders got his nails done, it did not make the final cut of the video.)

Cardi B and the presidential candidate sat down at the Black-owned TEN Nail Bar in Detroit to discuss crucial issues for the 2020 election, as well as why Cardi feels so strongly about getting involved.

"We have this bully as a president and the only way to take him out is somebody winning," she began, by way of explaining why she believes participating in this election is important.

No surprise, Cardi is an engaging interviewer—even when it felt like someone had overly scripted the questions, which she says were sent in by her followers. His answers didn’t get too detailed, but they offered some reassurance to Cardi fans and everyone else about police brutality and the economic hardships they might be facing now due to low wages, high health care costs, and massive student loan debt.

“Bernie, do you think it’s going to be possible to eliminate student debt?” Cardi asked. “Because so many people are suffering from these things, and it just, I feel like it discourages the youth to go to school.”

The Vermont senator gave a two-part answer, reminding us that 45 million Americans have student loans right now.

"Number 1: If you can get into college, if you have the ability, you should be able to get a college education regardless of your income," Sanders said. "We're going to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. Second thing, to answer your question, we are going to cancel all student debt in America. Now, how can we do that? We're going to do all of that by putting a very modest tax on Wall Street speculation."

That seemed to satisfy Cardi, who also had the chance to gush over her favorite president in U.S. history, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“Come on now, he did the New Deal!” she exclaimed, though Sanders made his case to take FDR’s place as her fave if he gets elected.

It’s not entirely clear if Cardi’s “Let’s feel the Bern!” at the end of the interview constitutes an official endorsement. We’d love if instead this was just the first of a series of interviews she’ll do with all the presidential candidates. Senator Warren, you up for a shopping trip?

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