This is supposedly what Cardi B has on her baby registry — and we hope it’s real, because it’s so lavish

Cardi B’s daughter will surely be dripping in finesse the minute she comes out the womb, because her mom requested some pretty swanky items for the baby registry. While most expectant parents put things like burp cloths and onesies, Cardi included big-ticket goods including a $3,683 gold-crusted bassinet. And well, why not? The baby deserves to live her best life.

Sources close to the rapper disclosed to TMZ the contents of Cardi B’s baby registry, and honestly, we’re super impressed. On top of the Moses bassinet, the rapper also included a battery-powered mini Bentley Bentayga (!) — which typically retails for $700 — so the baby can ride in style just like her parents. Cardi also requested a $200 Beaba baby cook set, because hey, a baby’s gotta eat.

While TMZ didn’t share the entire list, the site revealed that Cardi actually got all these seriously boujee items at her baby shower, which took place in Atlanta this past weekend. The “Bodak Yellow” singer admitted that building a baby registry is hard, and joked about contemplating adding in some gifts for herself.

“Doing my registry but i wanna add gifts for myself ????????, she wrote. “my baby think i need this Gucci dress ?????let me stop …Ugh I’m so shleepy?.” We think your baby wants you to cop that Gucci dress, too, Cardi!

This isn’t the first time the soon-to-be mom went all out for her kid. A few months ago, there were reports that the rapper has been shopping around for items to put in the nursery. She apparently picked out not just one, but TWO metallic cribs — one silver, one gold — for the baby room, which is shaping up to be the fanciest nursery in the history of ever.

At the rate Cardi is going, her baby is going to be so bad and boujee the minute she arrives. But seriously, did you expect anything less from the queen of making money moves?

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