Cardi B says this is her ideal “baby car,” and LOL, girl

From the second we heard Cardi B would be on The Ellen Show, we knew it would be an actual party, but we had no idea the episode would be this good. Of course, she had plenty of details to spill about her pregnancy…including the stuff she needs to buy to prep for motherhood. Apparently, Cardi B wants a Lamborghini truck for her “baby car,” which is somehow the least practical choice ever while also so quintessentially Cardi B.

When most people reproduce, they start looking for a car that’ll be easy to travel in with a baby. Beyond a car seat, babies come with a lot of stuff, and most people start shifting toward an SUV or a minivan. But not Cardi B. Nope. She’s not a regular mom — she’s a cool mom.

“You wanna know something? I think I want a Lamborghini truck,” she admitted. “I need a baby car, even though I don’t drive.”

That’s right: Cardi B has a dream car in mind, despite the fact that she is a self-proclaimed “professional passenger” and does not even have a license.

She grew up in the Bronx and said, “I’m just so used to taking the train that I was like, ‘What do I need a car for?’” And honestly same.

TBH, Cardi B could probably go get a license (and a Lamborghini truck) if she wanted to, but for now, it seems like she’s all set with being driven around wherever she needs to go. THE LIFE.

She also told Ellen she wants the Lamborghini truck in green, with a “baby-friendly” interior. And as Cardi’s new BFF, Ellen said she’s going to try to locate the truck of Cardi B’s dreams, because this is Ellen and that’s what she does.

Lesson learned from this interview: We all need Ellen in our lives. Can she find us a car too, please?

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