Jay-Z “blessed” Cardi B’s baby bump at Coachella, and thankfully for us mere mortals, there’s video of it

While everyone at Coachella was busy falling under Beyoncé’s spell for the second week in a row, if you stopped for just a second, you might have witnessed something equally magical. At the tail end of Beyoncé’s Coachella performance, sometime near 1:00 a.m., her husband Jay-Z stopped by the artist section of the audience and “blessed” Cardi B’s baby bump.

A TMZ video shows Cardi sitting in the audience when a delighted Jay strolls toward her, delicately pats her bump, smiles, and then bows to her with prayer hands. The entire interaction was pure and beautiful and, wow, can you believe that Cardi’s baby is American royalty now?

Jay-Z also surprised the audience earlier that night when he showed up to perform a couple songs during Beyoncé’s now infamous Coachella set, which gave us a good taste of their upcoming On the Run II tour.

As for Cardi, we can’t even imagine what a blessing from Jay-Z himself meant to her because we know she’s a huge fan of the Carter-Knowles family. Earlier in the night, Cardi posted an Instagram Story from inside a van where she’s seen yelling at her crew for making too many pit stops at fast food restaurants and potentially making her late to see Beyoncé’s performance. She deleted the video, but like all things #internet, a fan account reposted it.


Cardi herself had another successful Coachella weekend. While rocking the most pregnant belly, Cardi slayed her solo set and also joined Migos (her fiancé Offset is 1/3 of Migos) to perform their song “MotorSport.” #Boachella forever.

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